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The electric motor of an electrified vehicle is an essential component for driving the vehicle. The motor converts the available electrical energy into kinetic energy. This module has a variety of different designs and sizes. However, what they all have in common is that they essentially consist of a housing, a stator and a rotor

Electric Motor

Whether for punching of rotor sheets, the production of magnets, the manufacturing of hairpins or the forming and machining of housing parts, our Zeller+Gmelin brand of chemistry has an extensive portfolio of lubricants for the production of components for the electric motor. Zeller+Gmelin also conducts research into greases for the lubrication of motor bearings in order to meet high demands of thermal requirements resulting from thermal stress and high speeds. In addition, they are continuously developing new lubricants and optimizing their existing portfolio in order to make their contribution to electromobility.  

Optimizing Portfolio Includes:

- Cooling lubricants for rotor shaft machining

- Greases for electric motors 

- Wire drawing agent for copper wire drawing

- Drawing and cutting oils for aluminum materials-

- Calibration oils and water-miscible products for magnet production


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