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Requirements to the interior design:

+Durability against pressuer

+Stabilty of form

+High leak tightness

+Durability against electrolytes

+Electrical conductivity

+Surface roughness

Requirements to the extreior design:

+Thermal conductivity

+Mechanical solidity

+Corrosion persistence

+Impermeability for hydrogen and oxygen

+Assembly and transportability


+After depp drawing/backward extrusion the housing undergoes a washing process

+Finished housings are checked for optical errors and are tested for leakages

+The housing provides protection from external impacts

+Most important factors are tightness, mechanical firmness and electrical isolation

Electric Motor


Reach out to us today to learn more about what EV or to learn more about what products we can offer you today.


We carry a broad range of greases that offer Efficiency, Performance, Thermal Stability, High Insulation Values, Noise Mitigation, and High Load Bearing Capacities.

Ask our EV Technical Innovation Department which grease is right for you.

Taylor Lubricants carries a wide array of greases to support Electric Vehicle Production. 


Lithium Calcium,

polyalkylene glycols and

Environmental Friendly Bio-Lubricants

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